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Restaurant review – Yaletown Brewing Co. [plus Justin Trudeau sighting] September 23, 2006

Posted by Raul in dining out, local business, Vancouver, Yaletown.

Well, I was out and about having dinner tonight at the Yaletown Brewing Co. (commonly known in Vancouver-lingo as ‘the Yaletown Brewery‘, located at the corner of Mainland and Hamilton) with one of my best friends (who took me there for my birthday) when something happened. I went to the rest-room, and on the way back, I had to weasel my way around a table where a very animated conversation was taking place. Lots of really heart-felt hugs. And then I thought to myself “that guy is behaving exactly as I usually do – very public displays of affection, very warm, very outgoing and genuine”

… When on close observation I am start thinking to myself “oh, that guy looks strangely familiar… I am sure I have seen him somewhere… isn’t that… oh yes it is… it really is… Justin Trudeau!“. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The first-born son of Monsieur Pierre Trudeau, the late Prime Minister of Canada, husband to Madame Sophie Gregoire [yes, they DO make a very cute couple].

And, for the record, Justin is a UBC alumnus (Bachelor of Education), although currently he is studying a Masters in Environmental Geography at McGill University, as reported by Wikipedia. Justin used to teach in Vancouver, so it does not seem surprising that he has very close friends in the city. I was just surprised. The last time I saw him was at GLOBE 2006, where he moderated a panel. Most of the time, my association with the Trudeau last name is the Trudeau Foundation, which sponsors great thinkers in Canada. I guess I just hadn’t seen Justin in a social setting in a long, long time (I seem to recall having seen him a few times over the past ten years in various other settings, but really socializing with good friends, I think this is the first time). He looked so genuine, so warm, so authentic, that I think my admiration for him is well deserved. He uses his charm, good looks, poise and positive attitude to inspire people and raise awareness on critical issues (such as avalanche control, sustainability and opportunities for youth to mature and grow). *sigh* Now I know why women want to marry him and men want to be like him…

Having gushed about Justin Trudeau for a few paragraphs, on to the restaurant review….

The Yaletown Brewery was a popular haunt of my friends and I since 1996. I think I have been to dinner at the YB more often than I have at a White Spot [which is supposedly super-Canadian]. The food is really good (and portions are generous), the service is friendly and it has an outdoor patio. I think I’ve been there at least three to four times a year for the past 10 years. No, it’s not that I don’t have options. It’s just that the YB is good. It is really good. And seeing Justin Trudeau was just icing on the cake. I had a wonderful evening with one of my best friends and I managed to walk around Yaletown for a good half hour (something I hadn’t done in AGES).

Yaletown Brewing on Urbanspoon

[UPDATE – I have been recently and although some people may hate it, I still like it]



1. Marcela - September 25, 2006

It must be a famous guy… I’ve never heard of him. Why have you?!?!

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