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Restaurant review: Figmint and Rain City Grill [2 Reviews in 1] November 2, 2006

Posted by Raul in dining out, Downtown, local business, Vancouver.

Well, this past weekend was very much a trouble-plagued weekend. But more than anything, bad choices for dinner and brunch. So I’m going to review them both in the same post.

I was totally looking forward to brunch at Figmint given that it had just been reviewed on the local newspapers and it is very well located, on 12th Avenue and Cambie. But it was a total disaster. First of all, they charge 7 dollars to park (valet parking). I would think that (as an added bonus) they would offer free parking. I now know that there’s no such thing as a free brunch! For the price they charge for scrambled eggs, they should really provide some perks. I was not impressed. I could think of a good half-dozen places where I’ve eaten cheaper, nicer breakfast. The only good thing about it was the company, one of my best friends.

That same night, I went out with another good friend to Rain City Grill on Denman Street and almost Davie. The prices are quite exorbitant for what they offer (and the flavours are quite bland). I ordered salmon, and it was almost burned. Supposedly their dinner menu is very good, but I did not see the selection of dinner plates that is shown here. I was definitely unimpressed too. And I dine out quite a lot! Again, the only good thing was the company of another of my best friends. But, next time I’ll pass on both Figmint and Rain City Grill. I think it’s time I go back to my Main St. roots 🙂

FigMint on Urbanspoon

Raincity Grill on Urbanspoon

UPDATE – My friend Karen Hamilton from Tiny Bites says Rain City Grill is good, so I’ll take her word for it! I’ll have to give it a second try.



1. David - July 27, 2008

Give it another try. Pam and I have gone there for ‘big deal’ celebration dinners and it has never failed to make us happy. The flavours aren’t so much bland as they are subtle. This isn’t a loud restaurant in any sense – they seem to do best by getting the best local ingredients, and preparing them relatively simply in order to get to the heart of the dish. The tuna (served with a green pea risotto) is wonderful. For dessert, don’t miss the ‘Fireweed’ honey custard – a really unique treat.

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