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Restaurant review: The Red Sea Cafe November 15, 2006

Posted by Raul in dining out, local business, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.

Ok, this restaurant review was long overdue and thought I’d write it before I forget completely. I have been to the Red Sea Cafe (670 Broadway, near Fraser) three times in the last month and I am going again this week. The last time I bumped into really good friends and took one of my closest friends for dinner for his birthday. The time before I just had a craving and had to run get some Erithrean/Ethiopian food. The first time I went with a good friend of mine.

The basis for Erithrean/Ethiopian food is a crepe-like bread called injera. A bit sour but incredibly tasty, it is used as a plate for the wot (curry or ‘mole’-like pastes with meat or veggies, amazingly well cooked and spiced). You then can use injera to grab morsels of food. I have been to the RSC three times already and every time I finish the meal so full I can barely walk.

The service is amazing and I always have a wonderful time. The owners I think are Erithrean. Despite the neighbourhood (it’s in a not-so-beautiful part of Mount Pleasant) it’s very well worth the trip to try the food.

Red Sea Café on Urbanspoon

EDIT – Worth mentioning, this is by and large, MY FAVORITE ETHIOPIAN RESTAURANT, and I swear by them any day of the week. I have now begun to create a tradition to go with very close friends of mine for dinner here.


1. Francis - September 23, 2008

I will be going



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