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Restaurant review – The Gramercy Grill March 11, 2007

Posted by Raul in brunch, dining out, Kitsilano, local business, Vancouver.

Located almost at the corner of 10th Avenue and Arbutus, The Gramercy Grill was one of the restaurants that kept me puzzled and intrigued for a long time. You’ll see, I am fascinated by spatial location and geography. So, for a few years now I had always wondered … “where do residents of the 12th and Arbutus area go for brunch/coffee/dinner?”… it didn’t seem as though they had much choice other than going north towards 4th Avenue (where you can of course find– well, just about anything you want!).

Apparently, the Gramercy Grill is the answer to my question. Catering to the local community, and quite strategically located (you can’t really beat this location – even if you take the bus, you can reach it quickly through the 16 Arbutus or 9 Broadway), this place is also considered a “posh”, high end restaurant (though apparently, other reviewers think of this place as a casual bistro or even a sports bar?!). I kid you not, the decor and the ambiance was definitely sophisticated.

My friend L took two of her closest friends (one of them, me of course!) for brunch at the Gramercy Grill. This happened a few weeks back, so yes, this review is delayed! At any rate, I digress… I happened to order a chorizo-based scrambled eggs plate, and some coffee. I have to say that, despite the fact that the eggs were nice, and the chorizo was good, I was not overly impressed. The place is relatively pricey for what they offer for brunch. BUT (and here is the big but) I don’t believe they cater to “brunchers”.

I came across their “Dine-Out-Vancouver” menu and for a measly $ 25.00 you could have had a really amazing dinner. So, it would be unfair to qualify the Gramercy Grill as an overrated place. I believe that their specialty is dinner, so I’ll have to come back for that. The service is absolutely friendly and adorable, and the decor is fabulous. Besides, on that specific occasion we were celebrating my friend, so the company made this brunch date totally worth it.

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