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Restaurant review – Kishu Mountain May 4, 2007

Posted by Raul in dining out, Fairview Slopes, Vancouver.

Located in one of the weirdest corners I’ve ever seen in Vancouver (Broadway and Willow), this little Japanese restaurant offers some of this city’s best sushi at the lowest prices you can get. I went with C, B, N and J (all good ol’ friends from a few years back, when I lived in a residential college whose name I’d rather not cite).

I’ll mention about the food first and then anecdotes from the evening. The sushi is excellent, the udon is really tasty (we ordered chicken and beef udon), and the final bill was amazingly low. Kishu is not only a nice place and has great food, but is also really inexpensive. They have Happy Hour after 7:00pm, with 40% discount on selected items. We ordered as much food as we wanted to and ended up full.

Now, in case you didn’t know, Vancouver is one of those cities where the owners and staff of a Mexican restaurant will in fact be from Hong Kong. Yes, I am not kidding. I could attest to that when I spoke Japanese to the waitress. She could not understand a word of what I said. *sigh*

This particular group of friends is multicultural albeit with a strong Asian flavor. C is as Canadian as he can get, but speaks fluent Mandarin (he better as his wife is from Taiwan!). J, though American, speaks fluent Japanese given that he just came back from his Monbugakuksho two-year stint in Japan, N is Japanese and B is Taiwanese. I didn’t really need to chat with the waitress since both N and J speak Japanese, but at times the conversation really went all over the place. We ended up mixing up languages all night long and had such a fun time I am still smiling. As C would say, “there was much rejoicing

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1. Wendy - May 4, 2007

Antes que nada te digo que no pasé el TOEFL, cualquier malentendido es todo mío:
Raúl, no puedo imaginarme a orientales preparando y sirviendo comida mexicana. Y yo aquí, comiendo tortas de tamal. Bú!
Siempre he dicho que para dominar una lengua, hay que acostarse con un nativo.
¡Qué ricas experiencias con gente de tantos lados! me refiero a la comida, claro, no a las acostadas.

2. Raul - May 4, 2007

Hola Wendy!

Gracias por comentar… si, la verdad para dominar una lengua, hay que acostarse con un nativo… por eso hablo Japones, Frances, Italiano, Portugues y Croata 🙂 jejeje

Si, esta terrible esto de que los asiaticos preparen los “burritos” (ARGH!!!)

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