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Restaurant review – The Lion’s Den June 10, 2007

Posted by Raul in brunch, East Vancouver, local business, Mount Pleasant.

A friend of mine (S) and I had been trying to go to The Lion’s Den for a long time now, and we had never gotten around it. Even though we both live fairly close, life was just too busy. At any rate, we ended up doing brunch there and I have to say that I’ll definitely be back. The Lion’s Den is a funky place (I don’t know how else to describe it. You have to go to understand what I am writing here).

The place is small but very cozy (perhaps under 10 tables?). The Lion’s Den prides itself in being multi-ethnic. Their Jamaican food is good (I had a spicy beef patty) and their standard brunch fare (breakfast special – scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes) was really nice. Good comfort food, and the coffee was excellent too… I actually really enjoyed the no-frills approach to brunch that this place exudes. Moreover, the company was also extremely relaxed and laid back (S tends to be hard-working yet very fun to enjoy relaxed mornings with).

I wondered aloud how come this place still exists when I see so many places closing down practically every week. Let me tell you this much – at 10.30 am on a Sunday morning, this place had pretty much all its tables full. They open at 10 am. So, the thing is, perhaps it’s very much a neighbourhood haunt. It’s strategically located, really (at 651 East 15th, near Kingsway, behind the little park that was upgraded by the Dickens Community Group – apparently this neighbourhood is also known as Dickens).

Things that make it even more appealing:

– They have wireless! So I guess you could have breakfast and check my blog there…
– They have Live Jazz on Friday nights (I haven’t checked this fact though).

Lions Den Cafe on Urbanspoon



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