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I’m disappointed September 25, 2007

Posted by Raul in Vancouver.

I was hoping to see the 2007 AIDS Walk for Life (which took place right at the same time as the BC Tour of Courage) in the front page of at least one or two major newspapers. But that wasn’t the case. Admittedly, I am a big supporter of cancer research, and I was also one of the bloggers who encouraged people to attend. But as it usually happens when many events happen at the same time, I always find that some newspapers put different stories on their front page. There’s always that degree of diversity. But every paper I read (including Metro and 24Hrs) had Lance Armstrong and a story about the BC Tour of Courage. No reference whatsoever to the AIDS Walk.

I am a big supporter of both causes and would have liked to see the Vancouver Sun or the Province at least to pick up on the story. AIDS is still a major pandemic and many Vancouver people are affected, so every effort that is made to prevent the spread of this disease should be promoted. Hopefully the AIDS Walk will receive some coverage in the next few days.



1. Anonymous - October 11, 2007

I know, It is just because it was the first time Lance Armstrong’s “Tour of Courage” was in BC for this reason it is news worthy. Beacause it was a new event, it was in the papers. Certainly both AIDS and Cancer deserve more attention and more resources.

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