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Restaurant review – Cravings Bistro (Marpole) October 18, 2007

Posted by Raul in dining out, local business, Marpole.

The first time I came across the name of Cravings Bistro, I seriously thought that the address was wrong. A restaurant at 72nd Avenue and Osler? I couldn’t see how a restaurant could be located in a residential neighborhood, particularly since it is literally the only restaurant within half a mile (well, one of two if you count White Spot which is in the hotel right almost next door).

Anyhow, Cravings is an anomaly in that it is indeed located in a small sort of corner mall (I think they call them strip malls here). The restaurant is pretty and the owners definitely know how to kick up the PR. They have fliers, menus, business cards, the whole nine yards.

So J and I went there for dinner very recently, and we both had our hearts sets on burgers. We ordered a French onion soup (in my case, without cheese) and a burger. For a burger this size, I should have probably starved myself for a whole day and then have dinner. The portions are generous and the prices are not that bad ($7 for a burger and $ 2.50 for a soup).

I would definitely like to try Cravings Bistro for a more formal dinner. Their fixed price menus look good and I would say this would be a place where you can bring a date or a good friend.

I can see how people can come to Cravings before dropping off someone or after picking up someone at the Airport. Or on their way to (or back from) Richmond and/or Seattle. I’ll definitely be back at Cravings soon!

Cravings Cafe in Vancouver



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