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Caving and getting on to Facebook/Crackbook/Hatebook? October 24, 2007

Posted by Raul in Facebook, random thoughts.

Before you all start saying “YES! I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE GOING TO CAVE AT SOME POINT”… no, I haven’t caved and thus have not joined Facebook. That being said, I am somewhat addicted to having a conversation about the pros and cons of Facebook and why I don’t want to join (and everyone – yes, you heard right – EVERYONE who is on FB has told me “don’t join! it’s more addictive than crack!“… hence the running joke on Crackbook(.

Well, it seems (as it usually happens) that someone already thought of that. I present to you… The Crackbook!. Oh my God, did I ever laugh! It’s a great spoof of FB. And even if you actually are on FB, I am sure you will appreciate it. To check the website at leisure you need to click on the red links (the blue links don’t really work). I guarantee you’ll have a great laugh!

And I am not alone on the enterprise to fight the urge to join FB… Amanda fought courageously but (and she caved!). And thanks to Beth’s blog (who covered the issue about Crackbook as well), I now know about Hatebook! Want to laugh even more? Read some witty phrases (from Ian in Hamburg) you can use on your next FB wall posts 🙂

Strange how a sunny day can make me do things like this (want to post more than one essay and write some meaningless stuff). I have a couple of bakery, restaurant and coffee shop reviews but I really should be doing some more work (even though I have put in the hours today, thanks to some awesome weather).



1. keefer - October 24, 2007

I am in exactly the same boat re: FB. Last January I told my cousin, “it’s just a fad… if it’s as popular a year from now, I’ll join.”
Well, the year’s almost up and it’s looking like I’ll have to join. I sure hope you can disable all the pokes, slaps and prods that your friends do. In this case, I almost prefer the real kind, wait that didn’t come out right. Anyway, yours in solidarity and resistance.

2. ian in hamburg - November 12, 2007

Hi Raul,
Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on the Facebook post – I’m glad you like it.
BTW, if you ever get up Whistler way, you’ll see where I grew up as you pass through Britannia Beach!

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