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Restaurant review – IHOP (International House of Pancakes) [Richmond] January 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in brunch, dining out, Richmond.

Best way to be welcomed to Vancouver? Brunch at IHOP with my close friends C and B. They were kind enough to pick me up at the Vancouver International Airport, and since I had eaten only airline snacks, they thought it would be better for me if I actually ate good food.

I’ve been a customer of IHOP for many years now, but I rarely go because there’s none in Vancouver. I’ve been to the one in Delta with my brother, to the one in Brentwood Mall (Burnaby) with J, and now to the one in Richmond (close to the airport) with B and C. And if you read this sentence carefully, you’ll realize that none of these are actually in Vancouver. Hence why I never go to IHOP. Which is regrettable, because their food is SO GOOD!

I had one of their International Passport, which was enough food to keep me going through a really busy afternoon (had to register my volleyball team by 4.30pm). The best part, of course, is hanging out with B and C. They even took me to my office after dropping off my luggage! They are such a cute couple, and such a perfect team! And I’m very proud of counting them amongst my dear friends.

So, all in all, I would seriously recommend IHOP. Normally, I am the type of guy who will endorse only local products and services (e.g. I’ll have coffee from Blenz rather than from Starbucks), but IHOP is a good international franchise, and it’s good for your stomach (and your wallet!)

International House of Pancakes (Brentwood Mall) on Urbanspoon



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