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Restaurant review – Arms Reach Bistro (Deep Cove) [dinner] February 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in Deep Cove, dining out, North Vancouver.

Normally I don’t do two reviews of the same restaurant even if I’ve been there for dinner AND brunch. I went to Arms Reach Bistro for brunch a few months back, but I hadn’t been there for dinner, and it was a whole new experience. First of all, we were lucky because even though it was a Sunday night, they were completely full. They only had one table for two, which was the one that we got. Phew!

The staff is extremely nice and very friendly. The service is top-notch, although maybe slightly slow (I am not sure if it was the fact that they had full house or maybe we were just super hungry as we had just done the Baden Powell trail hike – I wanted to take photographs from the wonderful view of Indian Arm).

I ordered a dukkah crusted B.C. salmon with crisp madras potatoes and yogurt which was very well prepared, and the main course (while not inexpensive at $ 25) was very good.

The desserts are to-die-for: the chocolate torte ganache and the tower of power cheesecake were by and large the nicest cakes I’ve had in months. I would seriously recommend Arms Reach Bistro for dinner. They do have more affordable entrees [if you are on a budget]. You may want to go for the pasta, which also looks very tasty.

The view at night is wonderful, the food is great, the staff is impeccably trained and on top of everything, they provide you with small blankets in case you are cold (yeah, the restaurant can get a bit chilly – and since I’m always cold, I would say this is one of the most thoughtful ideas I’ve seen in a restaurant). Will definitely be back.

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