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Third Tuesday quick recap February 20, 2008

Posted by Raul in random thoughts, Vancouver.

So I went to Third Tuesday Vancouver (brilliantly organized by Tanya and Tod) which was held at The Network Hub. The gracious hosts at TNH offered wine to all attendees and were extremely personable and sweet. The venue was phenomenal. TNH provides office space (all the back end for new technology-based startups) and they also may be able to fund some entrepreneurial ideas.

The speaker was Jeff Young, an intellectual property lawyer with a great personality and a fantastic wit. He made the evening absolutely enjoyable. Some of the familiar faces I saw, in addition to Tanya and Tod, were John Biehler, Monica Hamburg, and in addition, some new friends were made (shout out to Vern, Chris, Dario, Ryan, Rastin, Jennifer)

After the event a smallish group moved down to Century (pretty much next door to TNH), a very nice restaurant that I’ll have to check next time. I was somewhat surprised at the Mexican food choices that their menu presented, so I’ll have to see how well they work. It was a very pleasant evening, and I learned lots about intellectual property (and actually Jeff would be proud of me, as the post previous to this one makes a political opinion, yet it is within the proper boundaries of IPL!)

UPDATE – Oh my God, Warren and John were faster than I was in blogging about it! Click on their names for their recaps of this evening.



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