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Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls – I’ve moved March 6, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere.

Well, I figured the time would come eventually for me to move platforms. Blogger, it’s been a great time. I created 632 posts on Blogger and I progressed from basically nothing to now having more confidence in my writing and my minimal Geek Factor. But since a number of awesome Vancouver bloggers have offered to have my back if I need help with WordPress (you know who you are!), I’ve decided not to wait any longer.

So, despite the annoying ‘by hummingbird604‘ little thing over there at WP, I’ve decided to migrate. It may take a while to adjust, but hey whatever. I am just hoping my loyal readers will have no problems switching their RSS feeds, Google Readers, bookmarks and blogrolls.

So, welcome to my WordPress blog! https://hummingbird604.wordpress.com

Please be patient. I’ll be adding bloggers to my blogroll and playing with the themes until I find a nice one.



1. gusgreeper - March 7, 2008

looking good, thanks very much for the link.
i am quite sure that none of your readers will have a problem with the switch over. 🙂

2. Erika Rathje - March 9, 2008

Hi Raul, congrats 😉 I’m gonna go put this in my blogroll right now.

Have you checked out The Tyee’s BC Blogs? I didn’t happen to notice yours in there but it’s a great way to get some more traffic and find some more connections.

3. Erika Rathje - March 9, 2008

Holy crap, I don’t even have Stephen on my blogroll! Shame on me! And here I was wondering why I wasn’t on his!

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