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Upcoming event – Spring Living Fair March 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in environment, sustainability, upcoming events.

Living around the Main Street area (what some people call SoMa, South Main) but really should be still part of Mount Pleasant) helps find fun events (as if my social life wasn’t busy enough!)… Anyhow, fresh off the Green Living Show comes the Spring Living Fair (neither event is connected to each other).

From the Spring Living Fair website you can see when and where it’s going to take place. And one additional incentive… it’s free!

When: March 8th, 2008 (remember, it’s also International Women’s Day)

Where: Heritage Hall, Main and 15th Avenue.

From: 10 am To: 6 pm.

Will I be there? Potentially. I am not planning to wake up early on Saturday, I can tell you that much 🙂


1. Phaedra - March 7, 2008

I am really going to try to swing by this show. Gorilla Raw Foods is going to be there and I LOVE them! Blog is lookin’ good Raul 🙂

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