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Bar review – Library Square Public House March 9, 2008

Posted by Raul in dancing, Downtown, drinks, Vancouver.

Admittedly, ever since I finished my MBA (a few, not too many moons ago), I feel like I’m out of the loop with the trendy and chic. My friends would probably disagree, but would you believe I had never set foot in the Library Square Public House, despite having a Vancouver Public Library card and being a frequent visitor?

Come on, even Mark Wahlberg has visited the LSPH! So when MM invited me to her birthday party, I jumped with excitement. Not only is she one of the nicest girls I’ve ever hung out with, she is also a key element of my volleyball team. So after having had dinner with C, B, L and J last weekend, I ended up hanging out with MM and her friends (some were unbelievably cute, but I digress).

The LSPH is indeed chic, even though it still has a hint of a sports bar. But what distinguishes this bar is the dance floor. It was overall a really nice evening, and even though I had to be in line for a little bit (something I am not used to doing ever since I stopped going to the Roxy or Republic or any of those clubs) I ended up having a great time. The drinks aren’t all that expensive (about 7 for an amaretto and soda) and the ambiance and music were nice.

I’d definitely come back if another friend organized his/her birthday party here, although truth be told, I probably wouldn’t venture this far from my usual stomping grounds in the case of my own birthday or a relevant celebration.  It’s a great pub and I’ll come back whenever my friends organize another outing.



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