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The best strategy to get well quickly… a haircut March 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life.

Being a guy, it sometimes may sound weird for people to hear me say that I love my hair. The thing is, I really do. It’s straight, thin and silky. My mother has beautiful hair and I think I inherited some of her best traits (although my Dad’s hair is also quite nice). So, anyhow… despite how much I love my hair, I know that the longer it grows, the more unmanageable it gets. Since I was feeling quite awful today, I decided to overdose on cold medicine, vitamin C and an “all-greens” smoothie and went to get a haircut.

OMG! I feel like a new man… My fellow Team Blogger bowlers will get a chance to see it this weekend, but if you happen to be one of my Flickr friends, you’ll see it earlier (I’m planning to upload a photo today or tomorrow). One key detail of my haircut is that I usually require the use of a # 1 blade (that leads to basically a buzzcut).

I saw myself on the mirror and I felt like I was born again… what better way to get well than to spoil yourself? To me, haircuts are one of many ways to spoil myself. Staying at home and working in my tiny home office while it’s pouring rain outside is another. So, the question to you is – how do you spoil yourself when you’re feeling down (or ill, like in my case?)



1. PatZ - March 10, 2008

mini chocolate doughnuts. they cure anything.

however, in certain situations a new pair of jeans from Buffalo can help.

2. Erika Rathje - March 11, 2008

There’s research to suggest we spend more when we feel sad.

I go for things I’m not supposed to eat, and it’s purely psychological… or physiological… anyway. Anything with sugar. In the past I’ve cheered myself up with chocolate or Anna’s Cookies.

3. Phaedra - March 12, 2008

can’t wait to see the new ‘do!

4. Raul - March 12, 2008

Thanks everyone for the comments! I have now had two full 900 ml bottles of smoothies (banana/strawberry and all-greens. And I’ve indulged in some chocolate… and of course, my new haircut makes me feel very fresh. Will have to try mini chocolate donuts šŸ™‚

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