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Why some people should not be parents March 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

Normally, it’s hard to make me angry and upset. I have a very high tolerance limit to numerous things that would normally drive anyone crazy: stupidity, bad drivers, irresponsible people, etc. But my upstairs neighbours have that quality that *just* drives me insane.

It’s not really the fact that my apartment has no noise insulation whatsoever. It’s not the fact that they have no respect whatsoever for my or my neighbour’s sleeping patterns. It’s not the fact that they chat on speakerphone at 6.15 am in the freaking morning when I have not had a good night sleep. It’s not the fact that they start doing laundry at 8.15 am on a Sunday morning.

The part that really sets me off is how bad their parenting skills are and how much they reflect on their kid. Starting in my late teens, I have had cousins (and then brothers and then close friends) who have begun having children. Their kids have been at times noisy, sometimes misbehaved and on occasion thrown tantrums. The key phrases being “at times, sometimes and on occasion”.

My neighbour’s kid has had this routine for the past 10 months: He wakes up at 5.45 am. Walks to his mother’s bedside and starts trying to wake her up “mamma, mamma”, repeating the word mamma not less than 657 times (normally, until I shout ‘shut up!!!’). He then proceeds to start crying until his Mom wakes up (making a lot of noise) and then, he proceeds to start arguing with her for a good 45 minutes over some stupidity. After his Mom doesn’t agree to give him whatever his whim is, he proceeds to scream in such a high pitch that I actually have feared that he is going to break the glasses in my apartment.

This is every day’s routine, only interrupted when I shout “SHUT THE %@# UP!!” and/or knock furiously on my ceilings. Peace only arrives when they (finally!) leave the house around 8.40 am… By then, I am obviously awake and probably on my way to the office (unless I decide to work from home). Since I’m so tired from trying to stay asleep in the morning, I end up taking a quick nap that often is about 2 hours long. So, sometimes (and totally against my will) I end up starting my day at around 11 am.

The truth is, I compare my neighbour’s kid to my friends’, cousins, brothers’ and acquaintances’ kids, and I can’t really say that he is like them. This kid’s inappropriate behavior is totally the reflection of bad parenting. Since I have been reading a lot about child’s behavior in the past few months, I can tell you that repeated tantrums are often the result of inappropriate parenting. This kid throws tantrums on a regular basis, and his parents try to reason with him as though he is 30, and not 3.

You might be asking ‘why do you live here with such evil neighbours?”. Well, for one, the rent and location are amazing. Second, the truth is — I don’t think that I should let them win the battle either. This is my home, it’s been for a while, I really enjoyed the process of decorating it, finding the furniture, setting it up, and I do feel comfortable in it (warranted, provided that they aren’t home).

For the extended periods of time they’re not in (and at night — which is when I actually work better), I really enjoy being at home. Despite its small size (450 sq ft) and inconveniences, I am proud enough of my place to invite friends over for dinner. I had my Mom and brother stay here two summers in a row. I *love* my small tiny apartment.

So, one of the things I do is to let it all out on my blog (I have tried, unsuccessfully, to speak with them and reason, and I’ve also talked to my landlord). These battles, according to a website that provides advice on the Tenants Act and noisy neighbours, are the most difficult to win. So, I will have to tough it out until (a) they leave or (b) I find a better place within the same Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. But at least, writing about it makes me feel much better. I rarely rant about this, but now that I’ve been sick for the weekend, it was just necessary. 🙂



1. Jonathon Narvey - March 10, 2008

Raul, you have my most sincere sympathies. I too have endured the sweet suffering of noisy neighbors. I am blessed with Superman-like hearing that is also a curse in the dark hours. I think the worst was the motorcycle rider who used to rev his bike for about a minute and a half every morning at about a quarter to six in the morning. Just when the guy was quite certain that he had awoken EVERYONE in the neighborhood, he would take off to whatever plane of hell is reserved for these jerks.

By the way, congratulations on the move to WordPress. The design looks quite clean. But don’t you want some green color in there, considering the name of your blog?

2. Raul - March 10, 2008

Hi Jonathon,

Thanks very much for the kind words 😀

Yeah, ideally I’d like some green in the blog, but I am still new to WordPress, so I’m not sure how to insert green into the color scheme (I have the free version of WP, so I’m not sure to what extent I can modify the theme and the color scheme). But once I do, you can be assured there’ll be green 😀

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4. duanestorey2 - March 12, 2008

Start being loud yourself at times that will bother them. Perhaps it will put things into perspective for them.

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