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Blogging for charity March 17, 2008

Posted by Raul in Blogathon, blogosphere, Bowling for Big Brothers, charities, Vancouver.

After just having completed our recent Bowling for Big Brothers event (where some local Vancouver bloggers -yours truly included – participated), and still feeling a bit physically weak because of my week-long illness, I didn’t really feel much like I wanted to blog. However, I figured I would start getting a feel for what will be my next (and last, for the year 2008) charity event.

Phaedra asked me about the format of Blogathon, and about my experience. If you want to read all my Blogathon posts, feel free to do so. The short story is: you blog every 30 mins for 24 hours, and it is a gruelling experience. Both Rebecca (aka Miss604) and I Blogathoned last year, and I was really out-of-whack for a solid week and a half afterwards. But it was a good experience altogether, for many reasons. Many of my friends sponsored me, a lot of people accessed my blog while doing Blogathon and it provided a worthy charity with much-needed funding. Sharing this experience with Rebecca was also extremely fun and I thank her for tipping me over the edge after I had been sitting on the fence on whether I should Blogathon or not.

This year, I am much better prepared I think. I know what I’m going to do to fill the Blogathon with enough interesting content (one of my strategies – I will recruit guest-bloggers – most likely I will be guest-blogging for others too). I also plan to advertise widely about my Blogathoning. Furthermore, I have a much stronger platform (WordPress) and thus can plant trackbacks and link back to other bloggers with much more ease. And overall, I think I’m a more resilient person than I was last year, so I am hoping it will be fun. Phaedra is thinking of doing it, I think Rebecca is planning on doing it so the question is – who else will be Blogathoning?

To read a re-cap of the bowling for Big Brothers event, read Keira-Anne’s related post.



1. Phaedra - March 17, 2008

I’m so gonna Blogathon! woot-woot!

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