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Pushing forward March 17, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life, random thoughts.

Having been feeling crappy for the past week and a bit hasn’t really helped me get anywhere. I have tried (somewhat successfully) to combine my being sick with some sort of chest cold/flu/something with socializing. This hasn’t been all that good, because it’s not easy to rest *and* have a normal life.

Doing things while still sick has made me relapse about three times in the past week, but I think that part of it has to reside in not having made an internal decision to be healthy. This morning I had a very nice chat with Phaedra at Our Town Cafe (admittedly, very close to my place and thus, not too much of a physically exerting effort). It made me feel really good, and while I coughed and felt a bit of a stuffy nose, I could chat and laugh for a while. However, as soon as I got back, I just threw on my pajamas, turned off every light in my apartment and curled on my couch, having frequent (but short) naps. But something that Phaedra and I discussed this morning made *click* in my head: sometimes we need to de-toxify ourselves and just decide to be healthy.

So, I snapped out of it. Yes, I still feel ill and weak, but have made a decision to try and conduct my everyday life and get well gradually. For example, going out for coffee this morning was a short but effective way of getting out. I still skipped on two other meetings, and didn’t push myself. I’ve rested and will continue to do so throughout the week, but I’ll gradually try to carry on my day-to-day life instead of whining and complaining about how sick I feel. I still feel awful, but I’m deciding to get well soon.

I won’t be going out with every good friend of mine at every chance I get, will have to decline a few offers (or take one a day, for example). I will probably not return a lot of phone calls and will hold on inviting friends whom I absolutely adore to come over for dinner until I am 100% healthy. And I won’t be pushing myself as I usually do. When this happens, I’m the only one to blame and the only one who will get myself out of it. I *have* to learn to take care of myself.



1. Phaedra - March 17, 2008

Thanks for coming to Our town with me. I got alot out of our conversation, and I am pleased you took something helpful from it as well. I know you are on the road to recovery. Lookin’ forward to our next coffee date!

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