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Five obscure things about me March 18, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I had been thinking for a while about writing this kind of post, and coincidentally came across one of Rebecca’s 2006 post with the list of five things you didn’t know about Miss604 (although slightly different to what I had in mind). The following list is actually a list of things that even very close friends of mine don’t (or didn’t know) about me – or at least I think they don’t – these are *very* obscure things.

1. I often sleep on my couch. Don’t ask me why. It just makes me feel … I guess less lonely? Don’t get me wrong, I love my queen size bed. But ever since I fell asleep on my couch one night after having one too many drinks, I just simply enjoyed it. And often times, I am just watching a movie and simply turn off the TV.

2. When I am sad and need a pick-me up, I make grape Jell-O. I consume this gelatin dessert with such a pleasure and end up feeling so happy that it usually takes me a few weeks to feel sad again.

3. Up until May of 2007 I had never turned on my TV. When I moved back to Vancouver in early 2006, I purchased a really cheap TV. I bought an entertainment center to go with it. I had everything connected and ready, but never got around to turning it on. And when I did… YOWZA! I had cable πŸ™‚

4. I dream in 5 different languages (usually the ones I speak more fluently) but the only nightmares I have and the ones from which I have always had a hard time waking up are the ones where I dream in English.

5. Even though I have a photographic memory and can usually remind every one of my friends of whatever they did in the past week with uncanny accuracy, sometimes even better than what they recall they did or told me, I frequently misplace my keys in my apartment. I always manage to find them though.

Usually with these memes one tags another blogger to go and write a similar one. I will be generous though πŸ˜€ just follow the meme if you feel like sharing five *really obscure* things about you.



1. PatZ - March 18, 2008

why grape? I only ask because the rest of the Jello Colours are staring me down.

2. Raul - March 18, 2008

Not sure… I just love grape Jello…

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