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Focus… focus! March 19, 2008

Posted by Raul in personal life.

So, finally my brain decided to start working again and my body decided to stop feeling super weak. I’m still coughing and still feel a bit of a congested nose and chest, but do not feel as bad as I used to this past weekend. I am fully aware that the next few days are going to be challenging, particularly because I *have* to get a real job (this academic stuff is unfortunately mostly non-paid or under-paid, so I need a real job – perhaps consulting is calling now!).

Something related to sustainability, urbanization, regional planning, wastewater or solid waste, who knows – I am even willing to jump on the climate change bandwagon.

Fired off a couple of abstracts for conferences I needed to present at, I’m currently revising one of my students’ papers and will probably remain focused for the next few hours (which is good) but I also need to start firing resumes left, right and center.

Gave some serious thought to NOT blogging at all in the next few weeks so that I could focus on job-hunting and academic stuff (that despite the fact that is mostly non-paid or under-paid, is still stuff I *have* to do – you can’t really tell a journal “sorry, I am on a mission to get a real job, that preferably pays big bucks“… reduces your credibility). And somehow I am not 100% sure that environmental jobs pay big bucks.

But hey, if I were in this for the money, I wouldn’t be doing it. I *love* what I do, and despite how much I complain about academia, I love it too.



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