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Quick Friday early morning link-fest March 28, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I’m way too exhausted to even write a coherent blog post, but I *have* to mention some really cool stuff that is floating in the blogosphere and you might want to take a note.

Rebecca is asking YOU whether you think that $ 200,000 dollars should be spent on making the Stanley Park hollow tree more sturdy. I personally think… um, no. Give me that money and I’ll find dozens of other worthy causes. Much as I love the hollow tree.

Corinna is reminding YOU of Vancouver Earth Hour. On March 28th, take some time to shut down unnecessary lights. Mosey over to her blog to read more about it.

Ian in Hamburg has *the best ever phrases* you can use on Facebook. I almost choked because I was laughing so hard. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this post too.

Tanya (aka NetChick) is still the Queen of Mid-Week Socializing Games. I confess I talked about Paris a tad too much. Je t’aime, Paris!

Stephen Rees shows us a bike lane for two. I am sorry, I am still not biking in this city even if there is a bike lane for FOUR. Well, maybe then I’ll do it. In dry weather. With a temperature of + 23 oC.

Ok, so there’s probably a lot more content in the blogosphere that you ought to read, but I’m dead tired and need to sleep. Will talk to you guys soon.



1. Tanya (aka NetChick) - March 28, 2008

🙂 Thanks for the link love 🙂

See ya soon…

2. gusgreeper - March 28, 2008

thank you for the link looooooove!! can’t decide what we’ll do like if we will go out and walk around and take photos or if we’ll hang out and just ‘talk’ for an hour or whatever. we debate well. will for sure take photos of ALL the unplugging. WOOT!

dude, i feel the same about bike riding here, my parents brought me down my dad’s old mountain bike but i’ve never ridden it, after my crash in the cook islands im terrified of bikes, roller blades etc i can still ride horses though, but bikes ick.. i MAY be able to ride it on the sea wall but anywhere else im tres chicken.

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