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Restaurant review: The Red Onion March 31, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

Photo credit Raul on Flickr

Located in the upscale Vancouver neighbourhood of Kerrisdale (in Southern-ish Vancouver), on 41st Avenue between East Boulevard and Maple Street, this is an amazing restaurant. A few months back, I lamented about having lost my burger joint. The absolutely adorable Sodas Diner (on Dunbar and about 27th Avenue) has been transformed into a sports bar, The Dunbar. Yes, they still do serve burgers and now have a liquor license, but it’s more of a sports bar now. Anyhow, this review is about The Red Onion so let’s get on with it.

The menu is extensive and there are LOTS of options … and LOTS of dessert items. I ordered the Red Onion Burger with bacon without cheese (not surprisingly). The Red Onion will provide you with bottomless pop (soda). I found the service refreshing, the place really clean (they have an open space concept that I would love to show you but I still haven’t figured out for the life of me how to insert images in WordPress… I only know how to blog directly from Flickr. Let me figure out the way in which this can be done and I’ll be up and running with an updated review of The Red Onion that includes all the photos I took).

I am not the only one who loves The Red Onion. The majority of users on DineHere.ca agrees with me. This has become my new hangout. I’ll have to bring all my friends here for inexpensive but really tasty burgers. And it’s even accessible by bus! The 41st Joyce/UBC will get you there, as will the 16 Downtown/Arbutus.

Ok, I admit it. I fell in love with the place. Of course, it helps that I came for dinner with a close friend, but regardless of the company (which was great), the food was really unbeatable. If you are a fan of home-made, great burgers, this is your place. Heck, even if you’re a vegetarian, they’ve got menu options for you. Bottom line: I *love* The Red Onion.

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1. Matt Collinge - the 604homesguy - April 1, 2008

We met at the last Vancouver Blogger Meetup I just came across you blog again through a comment you left at Stephen Rees’s blog. I think last time I tried to take a look it was down… Anyway, next time you are buy the Onion for lunch give me a call. My office is just down the way. See my site for the number.

2. monicahamburg - April 2, 2008

True enough re: other options. I don’t eat red meat and I recall them having a nice tuna burger. Plus, they have great fries. Mmmmm, fries – is there anything they can’t do… (insert Homer Simpson -like drolling here)

Like your new blog site much better, btw!

3. Stephen Rees - April 11, 2008

I have found that to embed pictures in my Word Press blog there are two options. One is to cut and paste some html from another image that someone else has (view source to get the code) and just change to where the link points.

In the new visual editor you need to have the latest flash player installed which you can get from here

But you need to be careful to have the right one for your browser and operating system. Onc you have that it’s easy.

I have been under the impression that the best burgers were Vera’s (you cannot beat Vera’s meat) – but it is rare for me to eat a burger. The last one I had was at Milestones. That was because it was next to London Drugs, where I was waiting for the pharmacist to make up my prescription. The curly fries that came with it were nearly as good as one of the greasiest burgers I have ever eaten. Sadly, no-one will now indulge my preference for medium rare meat, but given what I have been reading about restaurant cleanliness standards in Richmond recently, that may be no bad thing

4. Raul - April 11, 2008

@ Stephen – Thanks for the photo tips. I’ve got some recent photos on my blog lately, using some help I got in a tutorial from Miss604.

I also love Vera’s Burger, but The Red Onion has a je ne sais quoi…

@ Monica – I am glad you like it better đŸ™‚

@ Matt – Will do, as promised!

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