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For the record… 4TheRcrd.com April 1, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, Vancouver.

The idea behind 4TheRcrd is:

4TheRcrd Magazine, a Hyper-current News Magazine featuring Previews, Commentary and Culture Shock with Urgent Thought on Vancouver, Music, Culture, Politics, Events, the Arts & more… If you’re a writer, designer, or if you work in advertising give us a shout, we’re hiring and we’re looking to make new contacts with aspiring writers, artists and promo people in Vancouver. Come on over to YarkTheSaint and his team and chat ‘em up.

“First we take Vancouver, then we take Manhattan”.

This is a transparent effort by a great bunch of people who see no reason why they can’t express themselves freely, but with attitude and wit. We don’t pretend anything, except to be genuine and at other times, when something rubs us the wrong way, we really go to town on what we see around us. This is also a consensual effort by a slew of Vancouver writers who care about the things they write. Enjoy and work with us!

The way I see it, 4TheRcrd.com is a key complement to the blogospheric universe, brought to you by Jark. There are other great Vancouver group blogs, like Vancouver MetBlogs, VancouverVibe.ca and Beyond Robson (I *love* reading Sean Orr’s Morning Brew), and 4TheRcrd is a very welcome breath of fresh air. The way I see it, we are all part of the blogosphere and we all contribute in one way or another.

I would recommend that you mosey over, there are lots of cool writers over there. And who knows, maybe you’ll want to contribute too! I for one will be sending over some of my more serious essays [because, really, who wants to read about my latest weekend, anyway? :)]



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