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I apologize to my Blogger-based friends… and some SEO talk April 3, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere.

While I was writing the post I realized I was going to talk about the two topics… the post is strangely not very coherently written, so I apologize in advance… here it goes.

Since I’ve migrated to WordPress, I have had a fairly smooth experience (with the exception that I still don’t know how to insert photos on my blog, but that’s a minor glitch… I can learn how to do that pretty fast).

I just wanted to issue a quick apology to those of you on whose blogs I comment who are still Blogger (Blogspot) based, and to those of you who have stumbled upon my Blogspot site. Those two sets of readers have to go through two or three clicks to get to my new site. In the case of people who stumble upon the actual Blogspot page, they have to click on the link to this one. In the case of Blogspot-based bloggers, they have to click on my name to get to my profile page, then click on the link to my Blogspot site, then click again on the link to the WordPress site.

Given that I don’t really know a thing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I really don’t know how to drive traffic away from the old Blogspot site and on to this site. I know for a fact that my readership has increased through different pathways, none of which is SEO. I’ve met bloggers online, read their blogs and commented, people have Googled my restaurant reviews, other bloggers have added me on to their blogrolls or invited me to guest-post (thank you!), etc. This readership growth hasn’t been the result of any SEO strategy.

But the thing is, a number of people still stumble upon my Blogspot site, so I feel really bad that they have to go through two, three clicks just to get here. Of course, one could say “hey let them” or “hey well, if they want to read you, they can add you to their RSS feeds”. But being a non-geeky blogger myself, I am not sure if everyone does that (RSS feeds).

So, being the non-geeky blogger, I have started to leave comments using the OpenID feature with my WordPress identity (hummingbird604). Of course, that creates the problem that (unless you know Raul = hummingbird604), I have to leave my name in the comment so that you know who it was that left the comment. I know I don’t need to do this on blogs where I’ve commented often enough that they know it’s me, but when I comment on new blogs, I feel compelled to do this.

I know this may sound like a totally stupid question but – any way to solve these two minor issues? (e.g. issue # 1 – send my WordPress higher on the Google search engines so that when people try to find my blog they find this one and not the Blogger one? and issue # 2 – avoid leaving comments with my Blogger profile)


1. miss604 - April 3, 2008

Hey Raul,

What would you like your blog to be searchable as? If it’s “Hummingbird604” then maybe add that to be beginning of your blog name in the WordPress settings, otherwise I think the flow of search results will soon move away from your blogspot and over to your WordPress.com

If you look at Technorati (which calculates a rank based on the strength of your incoming links + links you output + some magical sauce no one can figure out) you can see your WordPress.com is ranked far higher already than your Blogspot (http://technorati.com/blogs/hummingbird604.wordpress.com?reactions)

I think it will just take Google some time to catch up with you over here and if you want any more specific SEO help, just ask 🙂 Also… you’re starting to create such a great brand for yourself, I think buying a domain might be the next step – if even to have the “.com” and forward/redirect it to here.

Now I’ve gone and left a massively huge comment (like you usually do to me hehe!)

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