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Vanity Fair: The Green Issue April 4, 2008

Posted by Raul in environment, sustainability, water.

My good friend Debra McN is a fervent reader of Vanity Fair. She loves the magazine, and I must say, she has good reasons to do so. The photography, some of the articles, the content, there’s some good stuff there. I love their Hollywood Issue. I just got wind about their May 2008 issue, which will be “The Green Issue”. I looked for some online stuff that I could link to, and here it is!

I will be talking in more detail about my opinion of this Vanity Fair Green Issue, but for now, I can say – good for you, VF! Finally, fashion mainstream media is catching up to the need to raise awareness about being fashionable *and* being green. I used to be a model for an Italian firm in previous incarnations of my life (e.g. when I was *much* younger) and love to be fashionable (and green).



1. PatZ - April 4, 2008

little off topic…photowalk? on tomorrow? if so when and where?

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