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Inserting Flickr photos on your WordPress blog – courtesy of Miss604.com April 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in Vancouver.

Before I could show you some of the pretty pictures I snapped on Saturday’s cherry blossom photo-walk (which I did with PatZ and Arjana), I needed to learn how to insert the Flickr photos on my WordPress-hosted blog. Not having a self-hosted blog makes it a bit harder if you’re not a geek and know your HTML (which is my case).

Even though she and John couldn’t join in the photowalk, Rebecca offered to coach me on how to do the photo insertion so that my cherry blossom post looked obviously nicer. I am not only grateful, but also very honored that she agreed to do this for me. Of course, in absolutely fine geeky form, she did a video. So here is a lesson on how to insert Flickr photos on WordPress, courtesy of (and produced and executed by Miss604.com herself, Rebecca Bollwitt).

(SIDE NOTE – Rebecca sent me the code but somehow WordPress doesn’t want to embed the video, so you’ll have to click on the link above for the video).

Now, just another side comment… I am 100% sure she is going to blush because I am raving about her, but what the heck, hehe. I told Rebecca on a recent GMail Chat conversation that I am a blogger-Padawan, and she is a blogger-Jedi Knight. I admire her not only for her tech-related abilities but also for her good-natured heart. She really doesn’t need link love as her readership is about the size of the population of White Rock, but she’s always quick to provide link love (which is always good in my books!).

She blushed profusely when I told her that my blog had taken off ever since we did the Blogathon 2007, and her contribution towards my blog’s rise has been substantial. I started blogging on April 23rd, 2006 (yes, my two-year blogiversary is coming up). When I e-mailed Rebecca about whether she was planning to do Blogathon, she said that she was. If you see my blog stats and the number of posts I used to write per month, I have gone from 3 readers (yes I know who you are!) and a maximum of 10 posts a month to an average of 60 posts per month (last time I checked on Blogspot, I don’t know how to check this on WordPress) and a good 150-200 individual visits per day. Not bad, I would say! Of course, I know this doesn’t show those who follow me on their RSS feeds or Google Reader (and most likely it won’t show those who will follow me on Twitter, because – YES I fell prey to Twitter, I am signed on as @hummingbird604 – and about to download the Thwirl application).

And from time to time, I ask for some tips which she is always quick to provide. So, for this and much more, thank you, Rebecca!



1. miss604 - April 7, 2008

I edited the video a tiny bit to reflect that this is for WordPress.com (and to include some love for the plugin I use on my own install of WordPress).

And you’re right, I’m totally blushing 🙂 I’m glad you wrote me that email last year out of the blue about Blogathon because as a result it’s given all of us a chance to get to know you (online or in person) and to read your wonderful blog posts.

PS – and make sure when you’re embedding the video you’re using the HTML editor – not the visual.

2. Tris Hussey - April 8, 2008

I have to watch again, but my tips would be to use the embedding codes (the all sizes part) as much as possible. For other folks’ images, download the right size if you can. I also recommend Flickr4Writer for Windows Live Writer

3. Raul - April 8, 2008

Thanks Tris. I am going to look at Flickr4Writer. Although I don’t think I have Windows Live Writer.

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