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Weekend roundup II: The cherry blossom photowalk April 7, 2008

Posted by Raul in English Bay, False Creek, friends, Granville Island, Vancouver.

Now that I have learned how to insert Flickr pictures directly on to my blog, I can walk you through what we did on Saturday afternoon (the cherry blossom photowalk I had talked about), and include a few photos.

Cherry blossoms Burrard Skytrain

I have had this conversation with Nomade Moderne, who is a phenomenal photographer, and with Arjana as well. And PatZ concurs. Apparently, Rule # 1 of Flickr is to only upload what you think are the best photos you’ve taken. Quite honestly, I have to say that I loved ALL my photos from the photowalk. Yes, I deleted about 10, but overall, I really liked them. Comments, absolutely welcome of course.


Wknd Apr 5 2008 056

Wknd Apr 5 2008 059

We then proceeded to drop by Cafe Crepe for a crepe-to-go (in my case, banana and dark chocolate, walking along Thurlow until we reached the cherry blossoms on Beach Avenue and proceeded to take a few more photos.

Arjana suggested to jump in the AquaBus. Since I love undertaking random adventures (and she is one of the best partners-in-crime to do so, plus Pat had never taken the AquaBus), I said “sure, let’s do it“. We crossed the water and reached Granville Island, which is one of my favorite destinations. Bumped into a street guitar player who was playing the first movement of the Moonlight sonata (which I play in the piano) and a random couple started dancing along.

Wknd Apr 5 2008 076

The most talented guitar artist

Granville Island dancers

We then walked along Granville Island and sat on the pier overlooking False Creek. I *love* this area, I really do. Arjana offered us some “iced tea” (you know what it was, hehehe) while we took in some of the gorgeous views of False Creek.

The seawall at Granv Island False Creek

Finally, we ended up having a coffee at Starbucks (I was forced into it, I swear! In principle, I do not drink Starbucks – but it was the closest coffee shop and we needed something warm after a photo-walk in the cold). Absolutely loved the company of Arjana and PatZ. It was a great Saturday! And if you really want to see the rest of my photos, here is my Flickr link. I may not be the best photographer in Vancouver, but I really liked how these photos turned out.



1. Sarah - April 7, 2008

Wow. That first photo is gorgeous! What kind of camera do you have?

2. Raul - April 7, 2008

Thanks for the kind words, Sarah. It’s just one of those “snap and shoot” digital camera. I am *not* a professional photographer, though a friend of mine told me he’d loan me a camera that is between the “snap and shoot” and a DSLR. I think these photos turned out quite good, but maybe that’s lucky first timer kind of luck? 😀

3. Phaedra - April 7, 2008

Very nice pictures Raul…sounds like a really enjoyable Saturday afternoon!

4. keefer - April 8, 2008

Good photos, Raul. You’re coming along. Personally, my favourite is the one of the blossoms and the highrise apartment in the background. It’s just the kind of thing I go for.
As for flickr, I believe it to be at least as much a social networking/fun site as a serious photography site. My better photos I leave to my own gallery and blog, usually and upload the quirkier ones to flickr. Each to their own.
Keep it up!

5. Barbara Doduk - April 9, 2008

Sweet photos.
I don’t agree, about the whole “Only upload the best photos to Flickr” rule you noted. I use Flickr to house my photos, all of them, good or bad. I pay for the service, and have unlimited storage and I am going to use it. I don’t “add” photos to “groups” on Flickr unless I think they are good though. I suppose if you have a desire to be known as a photographer you should only add the best of your work but I think it really depends on how you intend to use the service.

6. Raul - April 9, 2008

Thanks, Phaedra, Keefer, Barbara, Sarah,

I am working on taking pretty pictures, but as you guys have remarked – I do it for fun and I too use Flickr more for storage than to “show off” my prettier pictures. Glad you like 🙂

7. denise - April 11, 2008

I recently moved to Oregon from Florida and had never seen a cherry blossom tree in my life. Now they line every sidewalk and are in every park and the air smells so delicious I wish it were made of something more than teeny particles. I wish it were one big particle that I could sink my teeth into and maybe make a shirt out of. Splendid pictures. That’s why I originally set out to comment. Mission accomplished.

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