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Upcoming event – EPIC 2008 Vancouver April 12, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, environment, epic2008, sustainability, Vancouver.

False Creek
Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may know that environmental issues are my realm, even though my blog is, well, sometimes very random. However, sometimes I just enjoy immersing myself in sustainability issues, and blog about those. Well, my wish has been granted. I have just been invited by DaveO to be one of the greenie bloggers covering the upcoming sustainable living expo, EPIC 2008 (April 18th to 20th). From the EPIC website, you can tell that they’re really going all the way and (as we say in Spanish, “throwing the house through the window” – “tirando la casa por la ventana“). The organizers are bringing you some of the powerhouses in the field, including Mike Holmes from “Holmes on Homes”.

So, what is EPIC 2008 you ask? Quick answer brought to you by EPIC:

EPIC: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo is Vancouver’s largest green consumer show and eco-marketplace. Visit EPIC to learn about environmentally-friendly products and companies that mix style and quality with sustainability. [EPIC 2008 website]

I will be joined by a number of local greenies and bloggers, including (but not limited to) Keira-Anne, Rebecca, and of course, yours truly. You can follow my updates on Twitter, and of course, cross-posts on HappyFrog.ca’s FrogBlog.

Since EPIC will be held at Canada Place, there are LOTS of sustainable ways to get there. Most likely, I will walk all the way to Main Street/Science World station and then Skytrain my way over to Waterfront Station. Here are some suggestions on how to get there, too.

If you want to get involved, click on this (the kick-off post courtesy of HappyFrog.ca, official blogosphere media sponsors for EPIC 2008).

We will be cross-posting with FrogBlog, hanging out with the visitors (something that many of you know, will be not difficult at all since I am a people person and *love* chatting people up), and if you want to get a summary of these posts, I will be tagging mine “Epic2008” in addition to the usual tags (sustainability, environment, Vancouver). I will also be covering Earth Day at Jericho Beach on April 26th. Look for the coverage here and on FrogBlog!



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