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Live-blogging from Tanya’s party April 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I’m live-blogging (and admittedly, probably Blogging Under The Influence) from Tanya‘s (aka NetChick) place… we have had here Rebecca and John Bollwitt, David Drucker, of course Monica Hamburg, Corinna and Adam Carlson, Nancy Zimmerman and lots and lots more people! Hope you guys are having a great Saturday evening, the party is still going!

UPDATE – We are all playing Guitar Hero. I am absolutely bad at Guitar Hero. Or Rock Band? I dunno.

UPDATE – Just about everybody left. I am here with Tanya, Holly, Chris and myself. We tried Rock Band. We suck. That’s ok. We’re all drunk.

UPDATE – I just left Tanya’s. Holly, Chris and Tanya are so sweet. Everyone I met was awesome – Miranda, MJ, Corinna, Adam, Monica Hamburg, Nancy, David Drucker and wife, Rebecca and John. It’s interesting. I do care for these people, and I do so because they are part of the Vancouver blogosphere that I consider my friends. Phaedra, Keira-Anne, Richard, Jennifer, everyone… this is such a warm and fuzzy feeling.



1. Rebecca - April 13, 2008

Raul, you’re amazing 🙂

2. Raul - April 13, 2008

I think you’re pretty amazing too 😀

BTW, MJ from Urbanista is here too. And I’m …well… drunk. 😀

3. Rebecca - April 13, 2008

Hi MJ from John and Rebecca! We just ate and will be heading home soon. Tanya is a great hostess and has such a nice new home, we’re hoping to upgrade soon too 🙂

4. Monica Hamburg - April 14, 2008

Raul, you are so lovable. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your kind words – it helped center me a great deal.

Tanya’s was a blast! P.S. I suck at Rock Band guitar & drums MAJORLY. That’s why I avoid both those instruments & hence the accompanying heckling (“For real, 10% complete?!!!)”

Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday,

5. Raul - April 14, 2008

Awww thanks so much Monica,

I am glad my words helped. We all admire your work and your personality.

Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday too!

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