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My laptop is dying April 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I have an e-machines (a sub-division of Gateway) laptop that I bought in February of 2005. Everybody has told me that I’ve been lucky that this laptop has survived this far (over 3 yrs). Truth be told, I don’t have the cash flow right now to buy a new one (otherwise I would have substituted it ages ago). But I really enjoyed working with this e-machines laptop, even though I had to send it for repairs more than 4 times (and the good thing is, I had a 3 year warranty with Future Shop).


Photo credit: Drustar on Flickr

In a way, I wish I had sent it for repair more times so that I could get a new one, but well, I didn’t. So, now I’m stuck at home with it. It has some minor mechanical damage that doesn’t allow it to close properly, and since I’ll be doing some live-blogging in the very near future, I figured I needed to save its last breaths for those events (EPIC 2008 and Earth Day).

This is one of those occasions where I wish I had Darren Barefoot‘s or Stephen Rees or Rebecca Bollwitt‘s readership. I could very well tell e-machines “hey, send me a new laptop and I promise I’ll review it”. Can’t really promise a good review from the get-go, but I can be honest and say that I enjoyed working with e-machines.

I don’t really have the time for the learning curve that switching to Mac would entail. So, I’ll be stuck for at least a few months with a PC. I do have a PC at home, but with an almost-dead laptop, my mobility is seriously compromised. DARN IT. Anyhow, just needed to vent. I *might* contact e-machines and ask them if they could send me a new one and I’d review it. Do you all think it would work?



1. gusf - April 13, 2008

Your like me, I wish I had the fan base to get freebies too 🙂

The learning curve wasn’t too long for me when I switched to a Mac. For the most part it looks like you just need the web applications working. The rest comes with time. Afterall I have software on my MacBook Pro that I haven’t even used, or even know what do with…Automater..what the hell do I do with that?! 🙂

I’m surprised Future Shop hasn’t given you a new computer yet. I thought after 3 repairs you were suppose to get a new one.

2. Raul - April 13, 2008

They said they’d do it after FOUR mechanical repairs (hardware). Not sure why they didn’t take one of the four repairs as mechanical. But, whatever. I’m not super impressed with FS’ service, but they weren’t all that bad either.

As for the fan base… I can’t complain about my readership 🙂 it’s steady and I got lots of lovely commenters and a bunch of really good bloggers whom I now can call friends 🙂 … but I wouldn’t mind to just be able to wield the power of the blogosphere to bring me a new laptop 😉

3. Rebecca - April 14, 2008

Oh I wish I could get a free laptop 😦 John’s in need of one badly, his Powerbook from 2003 is breathing its last breath as well.

4. TylerIngram - April 14, 2008

I feel sorry for you in having a eMachine. I worked at Futureshop for a little bit and the eMachine and Gateway are really not great machines. I’ve seen soo many problems with them and people who have bought them against my recommendation (not to get them) have told me they should have listened to me.

Though for yours to have lasted for 3 years? WOW that is impressive. Even by PC standards, not many PC laptops last that long.

I’d love a Macbook. Stylish, light, and their OS is much better now that they are *nix based. I miss my LCIII on the 68k platform though. Ah yes Macintosh 7.0 and 7.5! Perhaps I can sell all my computers for a Macbook! lol

5. Marina - April 14, 2008

I just invested $300 on one of these fancy Asus Eee’s. Cheap and for web stuff, you can’t beat it.

And I don’t see anything wrong with contacting e-machines. The worse they can say is no right?

6. Stephen Rees - April 14, 2008

I agree with Marina – my Asus Eee PC was a bargain – under $400 (with a wireless router thrown in) and has already proved its worth. I like Linux and I have not had to do anything to this machine other than charge its battery. Though if I were buying one now I might spring the extra few dollars for a four hour battery.

7. Barbara Doduk - April 14, 2008

My G4 800 DP (Quicksilver) is hanging in thankfully. My monitor however recently met an untimely death and there was no way I could afford to replace it with another Apple monitor like the one I had. I think though if this old box ever starts to give me any problem I will go the Mac Mini route, $700 for the little sucker sounds about what I’d need as I all ready have monitor, keyboard etc. Still I *hope* my Quicksilver hangs on forever, given it is like, gosh! 7 years old, I baby the old beast.

Maybe you should add a little tip jar, computer fund to your blog and ask your readers to donate toward your next computer! Couldn’t hurt. I’d throw you some $ toward the cause.

8. Raul - April 14, 2008

Thanks everyone for the comments. I tried to read the serial number on my e-machines. No luck. Absolutely faded.

LOL. I have indeed considered starting a computer fund, but I think I should try to get something out of e-machines. Simply because by being honest and forthcoming about the fact that yes, it did survive three years even though it needed 4 repairs in three years and a couple of months, I think I’m already doing e-machines a service. I think I’ll start there. Then move to the “tip jar” strategy 😀 Thanks for the offer to throw in some $ 🙂

Not having a laptop basically trumps my mobility and my ability to do work wherever I want to do it, but I have a desktop at home, so at least I’m not unable to blog (which would REALLY be awful).

9. Erika Rathje - April 14, 2008

Awwww, get yourself an iPod touch 😉 Hehehe. Alright, I’ll admit, not the most efficient for blogging, but I did do one liveblog on it. I’m at the point now, after having had it for almost 2 months, that I can sometimes tap in words without even looking at the keyboard. Ooooh. I have a MBP but the luxurious screen real estate also means I have a big backpack… to which Paul can attest… so it doesn’t get out much 😉 Speaking of which, I plan to be @ EPIC on the Saturday.

My iMac (alien dome kind) is 4 years old and will probably run the newest OS. It would also be running tip-top if I didn’t keep 10 browser windows open at all times 😛 I bet you could get a used iBook or older MacBook for cheap!

Gusf: I used Automator today: when you’re faced with renaming a 100+ items (e.g. changing to lowercase or replacing text), you’ll be glad you have it. Until last summer I didn’t know what to do with it, either!

10. Raul - April 15, 2008

@ Erika – LOL – I have a very close friend who has an iPod touch. Not sure if I could live with that 😉

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