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About the Twitter April 14, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, Facebook, friends, random thoughts, social networking, technology, Twitter.

I’ve been on Twitter for a very short period of time (posting Tweets maybe since last week, or so?). While having lunch with Rebecca last week, I mentioned that Twitter gave me just about the right amount of openness and the right amount of privacy. I am not on Facebook (I actually REFUSE to be on Facebook) but I felt Twitter would give me an opportunity to reach a broader audience. It would also allow me to communicate with friends that I have met through the blogosphere and keep up with them on a regular basis.

Those bloggers whom I’ve now met in real life and, particularly those with whom I have hung out enough that I actually consider friends, will know that I actually do care about what they post on their blogs and their tweets. I follow this philosophy with everything. I care more about the person than the job, the blog, the position, etc. I have good friends who are now famous authors, actors, writers and renowned scholars. Yet, I am more interested in how they’re doing (personally) than I am on whether their latest journal article was cited 10,000 times.

At any rate, I was scanning recent blog posts and came across Darren Barefoot’s post on his feelings on Twitter. I left a massive comment on his blog and I still feel sort of guilty about it, so I just figured I’d post something somewhat funny and related to Twitter.

Rebecca alerted me about this episode of CSI on a comment she left on one of my posts. In this episode, the CSI team is reviewing the Twitter account of a dead victim who (apparently, haven’t seen the episode) was in the midst of a love triangle. Video courtesy of YouTube.

I am not sure if there is or not a lot of exciting stuff on my tweets, but I can guarantee that at least, there will be links to my new blog posts.


1. Rebecca - April 14, 2008

Raul, I just realized you’re not categorizing any of your posts – they’re all “uncategorized” 😦

2. Raul - April 14, 2008


You *are* right. Crap. How do I convert “Categories” into “Tags” or whatever. I am SO screwed 😦

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