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The things I love (on a Saturday afternoon) April 14, 2008

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Ah, the Vancouver blogosphere and its characters… šŸ˜€ How to begin…? Well, The Meg and I have a special and interesting relationship. Yeah, by “The Meg” I mean, Meg Fowler. She has been blogging like, forever. She is one of Vancouver’s most widely read bloggers. Meg writes hilarious posts. I am sure she has the readership of seriously like that of Scobleizer. There have been posts on her blog that are so serious, so intense, so introspective and so full of insight that I just say “WOW. Meg really nailed it“. And then, of course, as it happens with any other blog, there are really funny blog posts. Like this one. Or this one.

So, I comment on her blog just about every time I read it. Just ’cause. Just ’cause I think I have something to add. Just ’cause I think it is important to comment on other bloggers’ blogs. Just ’cause, well, you know, it’s Meg Fowler… THE Meg Fowler. Even for a relatively newbie blogger, even when I had started to blog, I had already heard of Meg… sort of a living urban legend. And I know I’m now perpetuating the urban legend šŸ™‚

I’ve used some of Meg’s trademarked ideas on my own blog (for example, for my 500th post I asked Tanya, Rebecca and Meg to allow me to write something using their trademarked concepts, and all of them agreed) and over email exchanges (we’ve never met in real life) Meg has been sweet, pleasant and always funny.

Now, since I am a non-geeky blogger, I don’t have FeedBurner. I have been encouraged by HZ, Gus, Tyler and Rebecca to get it. But I’m so… not… geeky… that I really don’t know if/when I’m going to get around to it. So, in a way, I may never know if Meg Fowler reads my blog. But just in case she does, and just in case she decides to read this list of the things I love, I figured I’d list them off. So, this is for you, Meg.

The things I love on a Saturday afternoon (UPDATED on Sunday evening).

Walking around the False Creek seawall with HZ…
… after having brunch at The Nice Cafe…
… and going through a route I had *never* gone through before..
Reading my friends’ blogs (and yes that includes you, Meg).
Having coffee and geeking out at Bean Around The World.
Dressing in brown and beige colors (Earth colors, they call them).
Being addicted to Twitter
… after having refused to be on Facebook
… because I knew if I was on Facebook I would be addicted to it…
… and now that I am on Twitter, I tweet all the time…
… which only comes to demonstrate that I am, in fact, addicted to Twitter.
Going to Tanya‘s house-warming party…
… and seeing familiar and friendly faces there…
… while I dread waking up on Sunday…
… but I have to wake up anyway because I have volleyball games
(UPDATED)… and waking up at 10 am…
… and missing my volleyball games because I am hungover…
… on five Okanagan Ciders… (yeah, I’m a cheap date)…
… with a massive headache (you’ll ask — how can you *love* a headache — well, it forced me to have a nap… which I *love*).
(SIDE NOTE) – OMG Tanya, you throw, like, THE best parties, EVER! Thank you SO much for inviting me over! Everyone was adorable… Tanya’s parties FTW!

Ok… so where were we? Oh, right. The things I love.

I love…
Comments on my blog (seriously – which other way can you have a conversation with your readers, if it weren’t for the comments?)
Having burgers at The Red Onion with JT
Doing impromptu brunch with LM at The Nice Cafe (notice a trend?)
Doing not-so-impromptu-more-like-fully-planned-two-weeks-in-advance-brunch-with-K, R, L and W-because-Raul’s-agenda-is-so-insanely-booked-so-you-need-to-book-him-in -advance-three-weeks-from-the-tentative-date
Group shots at Tanya’s housewarming party
Taking lots and lots of pictures…
… and managing not to have any of me taken…
… that could be potentially compromising…
Blogging Under the Influence (seriously, I am *so* sorry… ooopsies)
Getting email invites to guest-blog and cross-blog

And, the admitted one thing I’ve been loving this past week and I’m, like, totally addicted… TWITTER!!! Yeah, I Twitter. I’m about to enter Twitter-rehab. That being said, I have to say that I did not Tweet from 2 pm up until 10 pm. So, not bad… 8 hours in between tweets. šŸ˜€

So, how was YOUR weekend? Mine was FANTASTIC!!!! Vancouver bloggers rule!



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