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First FrogBlog post finally up! April 15, 2008

Posted by Raul in epic2008, sustainability, upcoming events, Vancouver.
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I do get around to completing projects and doing things, I swear 🙂 The thing is, I usually have like 10,000 things on the go, so it’s kind of hard to do everything at the same time. At any rate, I’ve finally managed to get around registering with FrogBlog , the official blog of HappyFrog and publishing a first blog post.

It’s kind of nice to see that even though I am not a geek, I managed to realize that I had the Rich Text editor on, cancel on the publication of the post, copy and paste the code for my post, switch off the editor, switch back to HTML coding *and* post the correct code, and not screw up a thing. The Blogging Jedi Master should be proud 🙂

FrogBlog is powered by Drupal, but even though I’m not a Drupal-er, I have managed to learn enough HTML coding to recognize when I’m doing something wrong. Well, except for the stupid tags and categories on WordPress. GRRRRRR. Oh well, live and learn I say.



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