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Adria Vasil speaking on Saturday Apr 19 at EPIC ’08 April 17, 2008

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The whole concept of EPIC is exciting in and of itself, and while trying to find which events I wanted to attend, I needed to peruse the list of “Who Is in the Main Stage”. Just about everybody is excited about Mike Holmes (from “Holmes on Homes” fame). Since I am renting and opportunities to own in Vancouver are looking quite slim, I decided to let the Holmes enthusiasts flood the room and instead, I’ll be probably hanging out and doing interviews with some of the exhibitors at EPIC 2008.

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Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

The list of speakers sounds really exciting, and one of those that I am excited to see is Adria Vasil, author of Ecoholic: Your Guide to the Most Environmentally Friendly Information, Products and Services in Canada. What is Ecoholic, you ask?

When the world’s environmental woes get you down, turn to Ecoholic – Canada’s best resource for practical tips and products that help you do your part for the earth. You’ll get the dirt on what not to buy and why, and the dish on great gifts, clothes, home supplies and more. Based on the popular and authoritative “Ecoholic” column that appears weekly in NOW, Ecoholic is a cheeky and eye-opening guide to all of life’s greenest predicaments.

[From Random House website]

Why am I excited to hear her speak? Several reasons, but one of the most important, I believe, is that I have always been curious about environmental journalism. What drives a journalist to cover sustainability issues? Are they well-educated on the issues, on the topics? How does writing for a broader audience work and how do you engage and encourage said broad audience in trying to go green?

Adria Vasil has been writing the Ecoholic column for NOW Magazine since the spring of 2004 and has covered environmental issues for NOW’s news section for four years. Vasil has a degree in development politics and cultural anthropology from the University of Toronto and a degree in magazine journalism from Ryerson. An advocate for the earth, women’s issues and human rights since her teens, Vasil has appeared on MTV Canada and CBC’s Newsworld to promote environmentalism.

[From RandomHouse website]

Adria’s talk is on Saturday April 19th at 3:00pm. I’ll most likely be around and close to the HappyFrog booth, so if you want to come down and talk to me, I’ll have my name tag. And I’ll see if I can score an interview with Adria either before or after the talk. A blogger interviewing someone who is more in the mainstream media… how geeky!



1. Erika Rathje - April 18, 2008

Do you think she’ll sign my book? Talk about geeky… 😉

I’ll try to find you. Hopefully my printer will print the ticket.

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