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I do my own stunts April 17, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I have always had this image of myself as being always capable of doing everything I set out to do. I knew that physical limitations would exist to the amount of work I could do, the sports I could practice, even the food I could eat. In more recent years, I have tried to concentrate on developing only a few areas of my life, not every one of them. I have also learned to ask for help. Before, I would spend hours, days, weeks, learning a new skill so that I could do the thing I needed to get done. Now, I am very comfortable asking for help, whenever I need something I know that someone else is much more skilled at doing. For example, if I need something on my PC fixed, I’ll ask JT, and without any hesitation, he’ll always lend a hand. If I need blogging advice, I’ll ask Rebecca, and she’ll always be glad to help. If I want personal advice on professional career choices, I’ll ask HZ. If I need to learn how to take pretty pictures, I’ll ask Arjana. And the list goes on and on… I am now very capable of asking those whom I believe are more skilled than me in a particular realm, to help me in a particular situation.

Video: Jennifer Garner trips, and mentions “I do my own stunts”

Even though in many ways, as Jennifer Garner said it at one of the Oscars’ nights, “I do my own stunts” . That means, I’ll still try to learn new things and tricks that will move me forward. I have discovered that I now feel much more comfortable coding by hand. I found myself writing my own codes as of late, instead of actually using the HTML editor. And I feel quite proud! I have started manipulating the values of the numbers on the height and width of my newly imported photographs, adding codes for bold and italics. The one that I still seem to be not so comfortable is the referrer for hyperlinks. Although, let me let you in a little secret. I coded the hyperlinks for Miss604.com and Arjana all by myself, by hand… 🙂 Yipee!



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