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EPIC ’08 – Sustainable foodservice: The Green Table Network April 20, 2008

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When you think about sustainable food, what do you think about? Do the words ‘organic’, ‘free-range’, ‘100 mile diet’ come to you? Well, if so then you are definitely on the pathway to educating yourself on how the choices you make about your diet affect ecosystems and leave an ecological footprint. This is the first step in the steady and continuous process of reducing the environmental impacts that are due to our food choices.

Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

Well, one thing is to be able to make these decisions at home, and another is to force a restaurant to be more sustainable. When I eat out, I can’t really force the restaurant owner to NOT offer me a certain type of food because it is not as sustainable as others“. Yeah, have heard this one before too. Not to worry. From now on, YOU don’t have to do the legwork and research which restaurants are more sustainable than others, which food service providers are better suited to source environmentally-friendly food products, and where you can dine out and still be environmentally-conscious and responsible. The Green Table Network is an invaluable resource, and you can visit their booth at the Vancouver Sun EPIC Expo ’08.

I have previously discussed about The Green Table Network on my personal blog, particularly when I saw that there were some people who weren’t really buying into the notion of sustainable restaurants. The way they put it, all they wanted to do was to eat their steak without having to worry whether the meat was organic, or whether the produce they were eating in their salad was locally sourced. The truth is, the concept of sustainable restaurants is really more than a gimmick.

I am really excited to see The Green Table Network (GTN) here at EPIC Expo, as I know that they missed the Green Living Show. I find that their role is key in educating the general public that there are numerous local, excellent restaurants who work hard at reducing their ecological footprint, engage in best practices for energy and water management within the food industry and still maintain a high quality level in their food.

Source: Raul on Flickr. Photo crossposted with Flickr’s HappyFrog Photo Group

Founded by Andre LaRiviere, who was a former CBC radio executive, trained in the culinary arts and worked as a chef for many years, Green Table is a network of sustainable, green businesses and organizations in the food industry. For more information on Green Table, you can click here. And make sure to check their booth at the Vancouver Sun EPIC Sustainable Living Expo. It still runs on Sunday, April 20th, from 10am to 5pm.



1. Marina - April 21, 2008

Oh my. I’m getting hungry looking at that gorgeous picture of tasty food!

2. Raul - April 21, 2008

Don’t even tell me, Marina! I am SO hungry right now, I’m going to have to cave and eat McDonald’s 😦

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