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Coffee shop review – Continental (Commercial Drive) April 23, 2008

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H, L and I in Vancouver
A latte coffee at Continental: Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

Finding the best coffee in Vancouver is always a really tough call. Which coffee shop do you go to? Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Do you patronize small local businesses (like Higher Grounds) or transnational chains (like Seattle’s Best Coffee)? That’s always the debate and I’m never really sure of how I feel about different views. For example, I try as much as I can to only drink ethical, fair-traded, shade-grown coffee. Most of the time, I visit only local coffee shops, and if I’m going to a chain, I’d rather go to a local chain (Blenz or Waves).

But, tucked away at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Commercial Drive, there’s a little piece of heaven called Continental. Equipped with very comfy couches and lots of natural light, as well as a solid wireless connection, Continental also offers some of the best coffee in town. I dare you not to love their double shot mocha with chocolate whip cream.


1. Phaedra - April 23, 2008

Continental coffee was my favourite hangout when I was living on the ‘Drive back in ’99. I was kindly introduced to a ‘Hedgehog’, which was a delicious mocha infused with hazelnut syrup. Yum.

Coffee early next week, my friend?

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