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Innovative podcasting interviews – CBC Radio’s interview with Derek K. Miller April 26, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, personal life, podcasting, random thoughts, Vancouver.

Thanks to Darren, I stumbled upon (literally, so I didn’t actually use StumpleUpon) a recent interview with Derek K. Miller by CBC Radio Spark’s host Nora Young. Of course, it goes without saying that I did enjoy listening to Derek‘s thoughts on the concept of a digital legacy. However, instead of focusing on the idea of a digital legacy (I have a somewhat-related blog post saved which I’d probably post next week), I would like to comment on the technicalities of the podcast.

I loved the way their voices sound in the podcast. Nora Young’s voice is outstanding. Her pronunciation is impeccable, and her questions were insightful. When I listened to the podcast, it kind of dawned on me that, of course, Derek is a great podcaster amongst other reasons, because he also has a great voice. His voice is quite clear and strong and articulate. So one of the things that made the interview great was that both voices were very crisp and clear. As I recently did my very first podcast interview with Adria Vasil at EPIC ’08, I was a bit worried about my pronunciation (not so much about the questioning style).

Even for a non-native English speaker, this interview is very accessible. The style of questioning and the candor of Derek’s responses they both used made the podcast like a great, in-house, Nora-having-a-coffee-with-Derek type of conversation, almost like a fireside chat.

I also loved the fact that the full, unedited interview was posted online *before* the edited version (which airs April 30th and May 3rd on CBC Radio). And of course, as a non-techie, I loved the fact that they embedded the podcast on the CBC Radio Spark website – which allowed me to post a comment on the site without losing the podcast. Great interview, you should really check it out.



1. Marina - April 28, 2008

I don’t listen to the radio but someone else passed Spark along to me and I’ve really been enjoying listening to the show and I agree – Nora Young has the best radio voice. I’m quite jealous.

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