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Afternoon link love, just ’cause I felt like it April 28, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

I rarely use the Visual Editor because, ever since I swore my soul to Geekhood, I decided that I was going to do my own stunts. However, even though on Wednesday, the lovely Rebecca is going to show how to insert photos in your WordPress site, I’ve decided to tinker with my own using the Visual Editor AND since I am 100% sure I’m going to FAIL, I’ll have an interesting question for her come the time for her presentation.

BUT you probably did already know about WordPressCamp. No? Geez. It wasn’t my fault, it was broadly blogged about. And you better get there early because the event is packed. You know, I’m hating the Visual Editor already. Let’s practice with inserting a photo, here we go.

This is what my dinner tonight *might* loCurry with pastaok like. It’s an easy dish whose recipe I’m going to blog sometime tonight. Basically, includes mushrooms, chicken bits if you’re non-vegetarian (if you *are* vegetarian, then skip on the chicken) and lots of tikka masala. And sea shells. Just ’cause. Great, I think I screwed up my blog by trying to insert a photo.

So, really, the visual editor doesn’t help me all that much. As you can see, you can’t click on the photo to go back to Flickr. Great. Just what I needed. Also, you can’t insert a caption that indicates that people should credit you for linking to this. And I’m running out of witty remarks to fill the damn column. Probably should have made the photo smaller. Let’s try that.

Ok, so now let’s see. I can’t caption the photo. The post looks kinda funny because I don’t have captions in my photos. I’m not all that happy about it. Scratch that. I need to see what the code looks like for when you scratch a phrase. There we go, I found it. Now, I just shudder to think what my blog is going to look like. And I feel really annoyed at the fact that I’m using the visual editor.

Ok, so I was going to use some link love. But before, I have another question. Why do I have the “Add media” AND the “Insert image”. What’s up with that?

Oh, found a good reason why I like the visual editor. Love doing itemized lists, in bullet point format.

  • Can’t think of a good post to write about.
  • Now I can see how this works.
  • Ok, third part… crazy… I rarely use the Visual Editor

But I *love* using the HTML. I just switched to HTML format. NOW we’re talking… ok, so let’s say I want to insert just the pure image. Ok, never mind, enough experimenting, I’m hungry. I’m going to post it and see how it goes.


1. Raul - April 28, 2008

Ok, clearly this didn’t work. Somehow I managed to screw up the formatting of the photo.

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