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What I find really difficult about the Clinton vs. Obama choice April 28, 2008

Posted by Raul in random thoughts.

First of all, a disclaimer. I am not American, and thus I do not get to vote in the US elections. I have had a couple of conversations about this with friends of mine who are American, and I just thought I’d share my opinion on my blog. I *very rarely* talk about politics on my blog, let alone US politics.

I can’t negate the fact that I do like them both, for different reasons. I’ve seen them talk both. I like their ideas, and their platforms. What I find unfortunate is that the battle is amongst two candidates who represent a phenomenal change in the way politics is done (anywhere in the world). The choice is between having a female president of the United States vis-a-vis an African-American president of the United States. Why make this difficult choice?

Both candidates (were they to win) would have broken hundreds of years of stigma. But the problem is, only one of the two is going to actually go on to the big battle. I would hope that in the future, an openly gay candidate and a hispanic candidate participates (so that the whole slew of stigmas can be broken – gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation).

I know that there are many people who don’t like Hillary, many people who don’t like Barack. That is irrelevant to me. The thing that bothers me is, despite the fact that both candidates are breaking ground, they are threading uncharted waters, only one is going to win. However, the positive spin is that by just participating in the race, they are already pushing the boundaries of the stigmas that are still prevalent (there are still people who say “a female President? no way!” or “an African-American President? no way!”)


1. Telemill - April 28, 2008

Well, we could ALL win if the two people you mentioned above could put their pride aside and not be so HARD-HEADED and decide to run TOGETHER.

I really don’t care who should be head of the ticket . . . I just know that if they both came together, there would be no stopping them for about 12-16 years.

But I guess I’m just dreaming.

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