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EPIC ’08 Drinking sustainably and responsibly: Vodka 360. April 29, 2008

Posted by Raul in drinks, environment, EPIC 08, epic08, epic2008, Vancouver.

BC Liquor Stores go green. Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

While recently shopping for a bottle of wine in one of Vancouver’s BC Liquor stores, I found out that they are implementing greening measures. They gave me a free bag with my purchase (which I’ll include in a further post, for sure), and the bag actually is designed in such a way that your bottles can be safely carried away. The bag is of course, recycled and can be reused many a time. Good for BC Liquor Stores. And while we are on the topic…

I still have LOTS of material from my stint with the HappyFrog FrogSquad and thus I want to put it out there while the echoes from EPIC 2008, The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo are still rippling. I had previously blogged about eco-vodka, which is not available yet in Canada. However, a booth at EPIC ’08 was offering samples of this eco-vodka.

Vodka 360, an eco-friendly liquor … at last! Photo credit: Raul on Flickr.

The makers of Vodka 360 indicate that:

360 Vodka is crafted from eco-awareness and corporate responsibility. This ideology is then manifested throughout our greener processes and greener products.[360 Vodka]

It is, undoubtedly, a bit surprising (but not VERY surprising) that even the liquor industry is joining the organic wine industry in working towards sustainability. However, I have to praise the makers of Vodka 360, because I for one do enjoy a vodka tonic every so often, and now I can feel a little less guilty knowing that there are eco-friendly vodkas out there. It will take some time for it to come to Canada, but in the mean time, if any of you readers happen to come across one of those bottles… maybe you could get one for me, hehe 🙂 Just kidding!



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