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Xtra West Heroes of the Year 2008 voting underway April 29, 2008

Posted by Raul in Uncategorized.

XTra West, the queer newspaper with branches in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, is again calling for votes for the Xtra West Heroes of the Year 2008 award. While I wholeheartedly endorse them all, my heart is torn here between Rhizome and Vancity in the Business Citizen (I have not been to The Majestic, though I think it’s a really cool place nonetheless, from what my friends tell me). It is well known that Vancity is a very progressive bank, and Rhizome has been always a queer-friendly haven for LGBQTT youth and adults. That’s the only problem I have with voting systems. Someone ends up winning an award and other worthy candidates don’t. But anyways… congratulations to both Vancity and Rhizome (and all other candidates) for their nominations!



1. moritherapy - April 30, 2008

yay rhizome and their lentil soup! yay xtra west!

we are so lucky here in vancouver with our multimultimulticultural attitude. where else can you go to a tranny fest and run into all kinds of business contacts, take it for granted that there’s bubble tea on every friggin corner, go to a sweat lodge AND know that you can grow old as a raging granny – all in one city?

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