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Why I’m probably going to cave to Facebook April 30, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, Facebook, social networking, Twitter, Vancouver.


Photo credit: Pshab on Flickr.

I have been having a wonderful discussion with Beth Snow about the “BC colleges becoming universities” story that has been recently in the news. Beth put it in her Facebook updates (using Twitter to update her Status as she tweets). In just one day, I’ve already had more than 58 views today and about 45 yesterday (some can be due to Twitter, and some can be due to her FB page).

But as we were talking over email, there might be benefits to joining Facebook. So it seems, my dear readers, that after all these years of fighting the Zuckerberg empire, I *might* join Facebook. Possibly. Potentially. And maybe the only FB I will create will be my blogger FB (e.g. not my civilian identity, just the bloggerian one). I haven’t caved just yet for all of you who are right now laughing with evil voice “he finally caved, hahahaha”



1. Dave L - April 30, 2008

Hard to stay out of the big social networks when connections provide reciprocal benefits…

2. TylerIngram - April 30, 2008

Remember you can control your privacy settings! Also remember that any uploaded photo to Facebook becomes Facebook’s property and you a) agree that the photo you upload, you have rights to use it and b) you allow facebook to use them for marketing purposes or something stupid.

Then again you can just upload to Flickr and I think there is an Facebook App that allows you to display your Flickr photos through Facebook.

I cranked up my Facebook privacy and removed over 150 ‘friends’ since now I only use it for people I interact with. I don’t keep ‘friends’ from highschool that i haven’t seen/talked to since highschool etc. I know people with over 700 friends. Do they really know 700 people or have they met them briefly at one point in their lives?

3. Tawcan - April 30, 2008

What Tyler said. You can control your privacy settings. Also if there are stuff you don’t want ppl to know just don’t post them. I have a facebook account but I only post selective infromation.

4. Phaedra - April 30, 2008

yay! though it has it’s pros and cons, it is a nice way to keep in touch, and get info on shows, gatherings, etc. Private your profile,and you’ll be all good to go.

You join FB, I guess next thing you’ll know, I’ll be Twittering…;)

5. Raul - May 1, 2008

Thanks all for the comments 🙂

@ DaveL – Totally in agreement.

@ Tyler – Hmmm yeah, I should consider the privacy option.

@ Tawcan – True, I don’t want to post drunken photos 🙂

@ Phaedra – Oh… joining Twitter YAYAYAYAYA 🙂

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