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It’s all about the equipment! – Weekend Edition May 10, 2008

Posted by Raul in equipment, personal life, random thoughts.

A while ago (can’t recall and too lazy to go through my archives) I wrote about how important it was to have the proper equipment in this city. I have recently lost a piece of important equipment (a compact umbrella that I can fit into my laptop backpack) but normally, this would be the line-up of equipment I’d be carrying with me at all times:

– Travel coffee mug
– Compact umbrella
– Water bottle (although with all the bisphenol A thingy, I might switch, hehe)
– iPod
– iPod cable to recharge the iPod battery
– Laptop (which is dying but hasn’t fully passed away, so I’m still carrying it around)
– 2 USB keys (although with the appearance of 4 GB USB memory sticks, these are going to go)
– Laptop-fitted backpack
– Light sweater (in case the weather changes) – UPDATE – Proofread my posts before I post them!
– Lots of pens and mechanical pencils – not sure this qualifies as equipment, but just thought I’d throw it
– Notepad with elastic band and bookmark – please note this item was part of the “Definitely, Maybe” swag I got thanks to Lainey Gossip.
– Security cable (to make sure nobody runs with my laptop in tow).

You know, I wouldn’t mind adding a cell phone to my equipment but … I just have been SO lazy. So, the question is now on to you – what equipment do you NEVER leave your house without?


1. Mel - May 10, 2008

I have a gigantic laptop bag/briefcase that is generally stocked with the laptop & power cord and my texts for class. It’s so heavy and cumbersome and there’s never enough room for it next to my desk in classes, but I just don’t have any idea how to downgrade.

2. crunchy - May 10, 2008

LOL..well I hardly leave the house ..but I usually have cell phone, toys, wipes, water bottle

3. Flash - May 26, 2008

The only thing I always have are my keys, there is my work bag that has things like my coffee cup, school work (for the lunch hour) and a thermos, but then there is the separate camera bag for outings. Just wait until I get my pictures posted for Mexico, the last day has pictures of me unpacking my bulging camera bag; we checked nothing and just had two carry-ons each for a three week trip.

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