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Weekend-ing May 11, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, friends, personal life, Vancouver.

So, in theory you’re not supposed to Drink and Blog (e.g. Blog Under the Influence) or Tweet Under the Influence (dweet). Anyhow, I just got home, Monica Hamburg and Chris just drove me home. I’ve had such an awesome weekend, despite the fact that I’ve been SUPER insanely busy with work. It all started on Friday night with NerdCamp Patio Edition. Had the pleasure of sharing a few beers with Duane, Rebecca and John Bollwitt, John Biehler, Peter Andersen, Dave Shea and Trevor O, and Ianiv and Arieanna (and Derek, whose blog I don’t have available at the moment).

It was particularly enjoyable to meet Dave Shea, whom I’ve heard is like the Master Geek. It was also a bit embarrassing, because Dave is a really nice guy, very pleasant to chat with and yet I totally made a fool of myself by saying “I do not belong here, this is a table full of geeks, I am SO not worthy“. Totally awesome also to spend some time with iPhone owners. Rebecca, Duane and John Biehler were showing off their hardware. It’s kind of hard to see how much fun they have with their gadgets when I’m PC-based. I am so totally going Mac next time I buy a damn computer. I also felt bad with all the geeks there, because I am such a non-geek, and I was immersed in geek-dom. I hope you guys didn’t mind.

The Kingston is a really cool bar (bar review forthcoming) and we had a great time. It’s so nice to be surrounded by such positive and encouraging people. Trevor was celebrating his birthday so it was nice to actually meet the person behind the blog. Shortly afterwards Rebecca and John drove me home, where I quickly showered and headed down to the Lotus for a DJing gig that Phaedra had, in celebration of her birthday.

Not only is Phaedra someone I deeply care for, but also, she is totally awesome in terms of the music she plays. We’re both into deep house music, so we had a fantastic time. I had a pleasure of meeting Jen Stoddart for the first time. Of course, I couldn’t miss Keira-Anne, who was there in her full splendor.

Saturday was a total recovery/work day, where I had a coffee with Rastin and Teresa at Bean Around the World. We also had some time to geek out, which was totally awesome. I rarely have the chance to hang out socially with them so I am glad I got a chance.

Today was also Mother’s Day in Mexico so I had to call Mom and also finish some work and attend briefly another friend’s birthday party (JG). He’s such a great guy I couldn’t miss it. Then I headed downtown for Rock Band with Tanya, Corinna and Adam, Gillian, Monica Hamburg and Chris and a couple other friends.

Tanya, Corinna, Adam, Monica Hamburg, Chris, Gillian and everyone else there were so awesome, it was great. I got to sing a lot, which was good. I am such a sucker for hanging out with good friends, and this was a great opportunity to combine social media and fun. These people are adorable. Corinna and Adam and I were all taking funky photos.

I am very appreciative of how much effort Tanya puts into her friendships, and I can’t help but go to bed with a lot of warm fuzzies. This Friday and Saturday, despite the fact that they’ve been trying, I’ve had a chance to spend time with great people, both days. I look forward to many more of these to come.

Sunday is usually a quiet day, and with all the work I have to do, I’ll just probably chill in the evening with JT as I usually do. I really need a break. Thanks to all my social media friends for such an enjoyable couple of days. And you should be proud of me. I didn’t dweet (at least nothing bad!).



1. Jen - May 11, 2008

It was awesome to finally meet you face to face on Friday night, Raul!

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