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Blogger couples, local socially responsible entrepreneurs, and other musings May 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in blogosphere, random thoughts.

You know how people frequently say the phrase “oh those two are a power couple“? Well, I’ve been mulling over a few ideas as to how to bring fresh new content to my blog, and one of the things that I’ve thought about (being as I am hopelessly single) was to profile blogger couples (not power couples).

I have made several friends on the blogosphere who are in relationships, and they are both bloggers and I thought it would be nice to see their perspectives on blogging, kind of like “He said – She said” in the case of male-female couples or “He said-He said“/”She said-She said” in same-sex couples. I haven’t yet contacted them, but it was just an idea I was having.

I am also going to start profiling local socially responsible entrepreneurs and their endeavours. I started a series (do you remember the ill-fated “Question Period“?) but it kind of faded. So now that I’m on WordPress and it looks like my Google Juice is going up, I’m thinking I might bring the Question Period back.

And yes, I know I promised to write AT LEAST ONE Vancouver-centric post a week. If I write recaps of Green Drinks, Launch Party IV and Third Tuesday, do those count as Vancouver-centric or not? 🙂

Ok, back to work for me!


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