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Restaurant review: Splitz (Main Street) May 13, 2008

Posted by Raul in cheap eats, dining out, East Vancouver, Main Street, Mount Pleasant.

There are many reasons why I love the Main Street area (from 2nd Avenue to 41st is the area I know best). You can find almost anything you want, you can do anything you want (although outdoorsy activities are somewhat limited to the pocket parks). One of the best assets that Main Street has is its restaurant scene.

You can find almost anything you want (Ethiopian, with Nyala – Indian, with East is East, Chinese – with Sun Sui Wah). In my case, I was craving burgers. Hat tips to Matt Collinge who pointed me to Splitz Grill. I *needed* another solid, reliable burger joint, since the demise of Sodas Diner. Plus, The Red Onion is not precisely very close to me.

Located almost at 28th Avenue and Main St., Splitz offers what I would say are the best if not some of the best (competing with The Red Onion) burgers in town. Inexpensive, large burgers, great service, the Splitz sauce is to-die-for, family-friendly. My only complaint is that you get to order in line, so it becomes slightly fast-food-ish. But the food is OUTSTANDING. I would definitely go back! And next time I do so, I’ll be very happy if I’m joined by fellow readers/bloggers.

I have scheduled this post around lunch time so that people can get hungry, hehehe.

Splitz Grill on Urbanspoon

PS – Hat tips to Michael Kwan for spotting typo!



1. Matt Collinge - May 13, 2008

Great review Raul! We’ll have to do a Splitz Lunch soon. I am off to Cielli’s downtown shortly which has a decent lamb burger.

2. Michael Kwan - May 13, 2008

How would you rate Splitz against Vera’s?

3. Jan - May 13, 2008

I had never liked burgers until recently. Will definitely try Splitz when my cravings are calling me. Thanks for the review and what’s your favourite burger?

4. Raul - May 13, 2008

@ Michael – Hmmmm… tough call, but here’s my ranking so far

1.00 Splitz
1.01 The Red onion
1.15 Vera’s Burger

@ Jan – Most definitely the Legendary Splitz Burger with Splitz special sauce 😀

5. Raul - May 13, 2008

@ Matt – most definitely! Maybe when your kids have practice in my neighbourhood?

6. Karen Hamilton - May 13, 2008

We were *this* close to taking my Winnipegger in-laws to Splitz on Sunday after they saw a review in Eat Vancouver. We wound up at the Vera’s Burger on 13th instead. Hopefully I get another reason to venture out Splitz soon.

7. Karen - May 13, 2008

We were *this* close to taking my Winnipegger in-laws to Splitz on Sunday after they saw a writeup in Eat Vancouver. Wound up at Vera’s Burger on Main & 13th instead. Next time I’ll make an excuse to venture out to Splitz!

8. Michael Kwan - May 13, 2008

If you like the customizing of toppings, you might want to try Stormin’ Norman’s (I think that’s what it’s called) on Commercial Drive too. I agree that it’s a tough call between Vera’s and Splitz. The G-Money at Vera’s (double patty, mushrooms, cheese) is messy but delicious. 🙂

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