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Green bags from large stores – How do they compare? May 14, 2008

Posted by Raul in random thoughts, sustainability.

Were you thinking that with the amount of work I have right now I was going to do a full-fledged, photo comparison? Not happening. Not tonight. Maybe over the weekend. So, just a brief teaser. I own “green bags” (e.g. reusable, mostly recycled) bags from just about every store:

1 bag from Starbucks (Earth Day)
3 bags from Superstore
1 bag from Buy Low
3 bags from Safeway

Here is a quick rundown:

Best bag to carry over your shoulder and not feel stupid – Safeway
Best bag to carry an insane amount of groceries – Buy Low
Best bag to carry a small amount of stuff – Superstore

One thing, though. Most certainly the largest and sturdiest is the Buy Low one but the color, OMG it is HORRENDOUS. It’s a yellow that should be banned for life. Well, now I have to run. Okthxbai.



1. Jodi - May 14, 2008

this is actually something i’ve put a great deal of thought into. Save On bags are nice, but don’t fit on my shoulder and therefore worthless to me, as I like to load up as many bags on my shoulders when taking groceries upstairs from my car.

I like Safeway. 99 cents. Good deal. I own A LOT.

2. TylerIngram - May 15, 2008

Raul you should take pictures of the bags! I haven’t seen any of these bags yet 😦

Nice to see Buy Low is still around. I used to work for them as with Safeway too but Safeway is not as employee friendly. lol

3. Raul - May 15, 2008

I will, Tyler – just too busy right now. But that was the original plan 😀

4. Erika Rathje - May 16, 2008

I bought one Superstore bag awhile back and it burst a seam after the first use, which I then had to sew up. I don’t think the colour is very practical if you’re carrying items that need to be kept cool (whether groceries, your lunch or a water bottle), because black absorbs light. (Superstore’s bins are better.) My favourite is actually Lee Valley’s bag, which are available in a pack of 4 for $10 or less — you do the math! Very sturdy, attractive though not chic, holds tons of stuff and though it won’t fit over one’s shoulder (not easily anyway), the carrying handles are very soft and sturdy. Generally I just carry around a trendy-looking Body Shop cloth bag ($5 and comes with printed ethical messages) that I use for groceries on occasion. My credit union also gave away some good-sized sturdy cloth bags with generous handles. I prefer cotton to those recycled-plastic ones.

5. Raul - May 19, 2008

@ Erika – I do like the Buy Low ($ 1.00) sturdy and maybe not sleek 😉 hehehehe… will have to see those.

6. katelivesinbrooklyn - August 21, 2008

But how do you remember to bring them with you when you go to the store? That’s probably why you have 8 of them, right? That’s why I have so many…They’re good for a lot of other stuff too though, like those big blue ones from Ikea are perfect for laundry.

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