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There is a world beyond Cambie, you know? May 14, 2008

Posted by Raul in Cambie, East Vancouver, Main Street, Mount Pleasant, personal life, random thoughts, Vancouver.

Having met so many new great folks in Vancouver has also meant that I’ve had to share pretty much my personal history time and again. Every time I say “I live around Main Street, in the Mount Pleasant area”, EVERYBODY tells me something like “oh that is such a great neighbourhood, it’s so lively, it’s a very happening part of town, Main is so great“. True, Main is a great area, I will not deny it.

Photo credit: CanadaPenguin on Flickr.

Many people seem to think that Main is also a hotbed for hipsters and artsy folks. I won’t deny that either. With trendy, awesome galleries like Jem Gallery, Blim and Little Mountain Studios, it’s kind of hard not to see Main as a happening, artsy, trendy, chic area.


That’s the reason why I was so incredibly taken aback when I heard numerous people tell me that “they never go as far east as Cambie“. EXCUSE ME? There IS a world beyond Cambie, you know? I will confess that when I lived in Point Grey, Fairview Slopes and South Granville, I rarely ventured beyond Cambie. But denying that there is much more to explore beyond Cambie is kind of ridiculous.

*SIGH* Don’t get me wrong. I love Cambie, and I’ve had great times around there. But I have fully embraced my condition of East Van boy (well, technically not that much of a boy as much as a young man), and I’m fully happy with it. Funny how it goes, a lot of people tell me “you’re not really East Van. You’re *barely* East Van, you’re pretty much West Side”. Hmmm. No, I don’t think so. And I’m proud of living in East Vancouver, having a little cute apartment around Main and being a Mount Pleasant/Riley Park resident. So there.



1. crunchy - May 14, 2008

Well, I live as about as far east in Vancouver you can get..RIIIGHT off Boundary Road…

I think our city council and all the people who rave constantly about Vancouver tend to forget that there is life beyond Cambie or Main st.

Vancouver seems to consist of Kits and Downtown.

I do love Main..lived there for a bit and lived between Oak and Granville too for a bit…loved that too.

It IS lively…more so than here…but then there is Commerical and Hastings..all crazy places.

2. Raul - May 14, 2008

Well, as long as you’re *this* side of Boundary, you’re Vancouver still 🙂

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